Team photo of Build Your Own Dreams staff

The BYOD Lifestyle

When it inspires you, wear it out. Society teaches you to build everyone else’s dreams, and in doing so, you forget about your own. 

Not with us. 

As we build our own dreams from the ground up, we extend that same passion for ownership and innovation to you. At Build Your Own Dreams (BYOD), we embrace the journey as well as the destination. Regardless of your industry, building your own dreams takes a certain level of boldness; a refusal to accept the world the way you found it. One thing we’ve learned on our eccentric journey so far is this - no one is going to build your dreams for you. 

Only you have the power to do that. #DreamThenBuild

What's the BYOD Fund?

The BYOD Fund advocates for mental health within the music industry. Proceeds from our “Therapy” merch sales and special music releases go directly towards funding therapy for creatives. People often celebrate creatives but often forget how stressful it is and how it affects our mental health. And most times, creatives don’t have the money or resources to get the support they need. We are seeking to change that. You can’t build your own dreams without protecting your health.